Comprehensive protection against client insolvency
Stable and solid customer relationships
Better relationships with financial institutions and improved chances of financing
Powerful means for increasing sales

A word to the wise: prevent, plan and act

We have superb working relationships with insurance companies – giving us a strong position in negotiations.

Kreedix kindlustusmaakler OÜ dokumendid

How to increase cash flows with very little effort?

One of the simplest solutions is to inform Your clients of Your credit management system. We have advised our clients do to so for years, through years of co-operation with Inforegister and Kreedix. We enable the same simple solution with credit insurance, by adding a simple yet effective message to the invoice – ‘This invoice is insured.’

You can be sure that all of a sudden, You will be first priority when it comes to payment and it enhances Your reliability in the eyes of Your suppliers. An insured company will always have a lesser chance of becoming insolvent since Your own credit flow is well managed.

Keen to see an overview of the possibilities that open up for Your enterprise once You insure Your complete customer portfolio?