Kreedix Kindlustusmaakler enables you to check your client’s creditworthiness, insure your invoices, and make sure that your invoices are always paid on time. Whether your client pays or not.

Insure your invoices and get paid. Every single time.

Insure your invoices in just three simple steps:


Instant credit check

You can use Kreedix for a free credit check of your client. Based on the client’s creditworthiness, we will determine the cost of your insurance.


Insure your invoice

Choose the amount you wish to insure, pay by credit card and you are covered!


Get paid

The client does not pay, file a claim, just like with any other insurance, and we will pay you the insured amount.

Know your customer!

Do you know how likely your client is to pay the invoice? Using Inforegister’s Credit Score, you can trade confidently.

The Credit Score assesses the creditworthiness of Estonian enterprises with 99.5% accuracy.

The Credit Score data model combines older information with constant updates to determine companies’ solvency and help make quicker better decisions.

Better safe than sorry

Do not let a good deal pass you by just because you cannot be sure your client can pay the bill. With Kreedix credit insurance, you can be certain that your invoices get paid – if not by the client, then by us!

Know you will be paid - even when exporting

Exporting can be truly rewarding for SMEs, but it does include heightened risk of bills not being paid, and efficient management of overdue invoices may be a concern. Kreedix credit insurance covers 25 European countries at the moment. This enables you to trade with confidence, knowing your invoices will always be paid, domesticallly as well as internationally.