KREEDIX OÜ was established in 2004, offering clients debt management services. Kreedix OÜ has a current portfolio of claims of over 250 million euros and business clients are provided with full credit management services – credit monitoring, analysis of claims, background research, credit ratings, monitoring, legal aid before and during court proceedings, enforcement proceedings and credit insurance. Kreedix OÜ has long-standing customers who use credit management services on a regular basis. In addition, we offer free-of-charge solutions for SMEs in introducing credit policies and dealing with debtors.

In 2009, REGISTER OÜ was founded, as a subsidiary to KREEDIX OÜ, specialising in developing IT solutions necessary for credit management. Register OÜ gathers data straight from original sources and terabytes of information are pooled together on a weekly basis, from which millions of facts are then separated regarding Estonian enterprises and related persons. Analytical models based on this data enable us to identify payment patterns and prevent credit loss. The popular portals and belong to the group, with up to 600,000 unique visitors per month – around 85% of the working age population of Estonia.