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KREEDIX OÜ was established in 2004, offering clients debt management services. Kreedix OÜ has a current portfolio of claims of over 250 million euros and business clients are provided with full credit management services – credit monitoring, analysis of claims, background research, credit ratings, monitoring, legal aid before and during court proceedings, enforcement proceedings and credit insurance. Kreedix OÜ has long-standing customers who use credit management services on a regular basis. In addition, we offer free-of-charge solutions for SMEs in introducing credit policies and dealing with debtors. In 2009, REGISTER OÜ was founded, as a subsidiary to KREEDIX OÜ, specialising in developing IT solutions necessary for credit management. Register OÜ gathers data straight from original sources and terabytes of information are pooled together on a weekly basis, from which millions of facts are then separated regarding Estonian enterprises and related persons. Analytical models based on this data enable us to identify payment patterns and prevent credit loss.

Up to 600,000 unique visitors per month

Around 85% of the working age population of Estonia


REGISTER OÜ application interface (API) enables to receive business information into its systems in a machine-readable form from the Inforegister platform - in real time with updates or a query. Information from various public and private sources reaches the entrepreneur quickly and conveniently. and other debts, information in the annual reports and also an overview of taxes paid, legal data of the company and members of the management board. The REGISTER API also issues a wealth of analytics (KPI) for both Estonian and international companies.

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All Estonian companies can see in the Storybook both the financial data, trends and income ratios of the last financial year (2018) and the forecasted annual report of the current year (2019). In modeling forecasting financial forecasting, we used the historical data of companies 'quarterly turnover (source: EAMT) and the financial indicators of previous years' annual reports (source: Commercial Register), in which we converted the annual indicators into quarterly and calculated weights. Seasonality and sector-based (EMTAK: 5 classes) trends have also been taken into account. For companies for which quarterly turnover is not disclosed, but the amounts of taxes paid (including the number of employees) are available, we modeled the turnover forecast on the basis of previous annual reports, converted to paid labor taxes and employee numbers, and then obtained quarterly time series weights In terms of weights, we identified the trends and average (optimal) shares of companies in the balance sheet and income statement lines using the machine learning method and modeled the financial indicators of the rest of the financial year with optimal weights according to the forecast turnover.



In the analytical reputation score model developed by REGISTER OÜ, derivatives of experts in the field were used, on the basis of which the characteristics of business management processes and their impact were developed - a total of approximately 1,200 different characteristics were used. The results were translated by industry for enterprises according to their size and the factors influencing the characteristics were achieved. The data science-based reputation choir model also uses features derived from data found on the web. The reputation score is formed by a combination of five quality indicators of business management processes: brand management, credit management, sales management, personnel management, asset management.

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Today, the Information Register and Storybooks are the most visited business portals in Estonia and the best environment for talking to your partners, where the environment is visited in 99% of cases for business reasons. Storybook opened a personal media page for each Estonian company and furnished them with various articles. Of these, “Nutuloodi” has received the most attention, but there are also many other stories, such as: Success Story, Person Story, Export Story, Public Procurement Story, Tudul Story, Graduation Story, Activity Story, etc. In total, there are about 1.5 million stories about Estonian companies and entrepreneurs. All companies can manage their own media page, write stories, etc.


STORYBOOK OÜ was established, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Register OÜ. Storybook OÜ manages the web environment scorestorybook.ee, which produces fully automated articles about Estonian companies and entrepreneurs - stories based on facts (numerical values) and analytical models (score), according to events in the company, etc. circumstances. Also shows Interactive Graphs and the like.




In 2016, KREEDIX KINDLUSTUSMAAKLER OÜ was founded, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kreedix OÜ with a fixed capital of € 30,000. The company's activity is the provision of credit insurance services and has been licensed by the Financial Supervision Authority since 2017.



The Credit Score of the Information Register is an analytical model created by top Estonian researchers using the machine learning method, which predicts with 99.5% accuracy the possibility of insolvency or compulsory liquidation within the next 12 months and expresses the maximum probability that the evaluated company will default. The model uses nearly 200 different features in its forecast. The Credit Score created by REGISTER OÜ has also achieved recognition in the prestigious international publication scientific conference CAiSE.



In 2015, Marie founded the Estonian Association of Creditors www.evul.ee, one of the goals of which is to address key issues related to insolvency and credit risks at the national level. The association has a thriving membership and good co-operation with various professional associations, the Bar Association, the Prosecutor's Office, the Tax Board, the Ministry of Justice and the Bureau of Economic Crime.



The INFOREGISTER web environment has been completed, where information on Estonian companies and entrepreneurs from state registers, public databases, the web and companies has been collected and organized. The environment enables effective management of various business processes in the company: credit management, marketing and sales activities, finding suppliers (cooperation partners), monitoring of companies and board members (monitoring of activities).



In 2009, REGISTER OÜ was founded, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kreedix OÜ. Register OÜ was established for the development and management of applications, analytical models and software (background checks, payment behavior patterns, indicators of companies and individuals) necessary for credit management.



KREEDIX OÜ was founded on June 18, 2004 and at the same time started economic activities. The company provides credit management services and has for many years implemented effective credit management policies for thousands of Estonian companies. The founder and owner of the company is Marie Rosin, who started her career in the banking sector and has twenty years of experience in financial management. Providing services to large companies, he further developed his skills in working capital management and credit analysis, which he has been engaged in for the last 15 years. Marie has a master's degree in business administration from the Estonian University of Life Sciences, specializing in financial management.


up to 600,000 unique visitors per month

Around 85% of the working age population of Estonia

Unique credit management solutions – Using credit management, we guarantee the collection of even the most hopeless claims.

Insurance solutions both by invoice and portfolio. Pay for the insurance cover yourself or direct the payment to the beneficiary – 100% guarantee

INFOREGISTER.ee – collected and organized information about Estonian companies and managers from state registers and other databases.
The information is enriched with analytical models. We also release information through API.

SCORESTORYBOOK.ee – a modern business information channel that automatically produces articles about Estonian companies and their managers.
The channel is open for everyone to publish news in Estonia and international markets.

Choose a personalized list of sales leads from 230,000 Estonian companies or from companies of 81 foreign countries with matching keywords – ca 123 118 500 foreign companies all together.