Negotiation of payment agreements and conclusion of surety agreements. Influencing debtors on the Inforegister and Storybook portals, which are visited by a total of around 50,000 unique users a day. The most stringent measure is the publication of the article “Revenue History”.

Domestic and international credit management

Companies that are late on their payments receive a letter/call on behalf of the Customer and are reminded of the fact that the invoice is overdue. The reasons for the delay are identified and the exact date for (including partial) repayment is clarified. The Customer receives a report on the actions taken, includiing the late payer’s comments, history, background and debt information and prognosis of cash flow.

The basis of Kreedix OÜ debt management is intensive communication with the debtor; in case an agreement is not reached, the debtor is published on INFOREGISTER (Debt Label, warnings). The Sob Story is published on STORYBOOKIS.

The reason behind companies’ payment difficulties is often the domino effect – the debtor is a creditor in turn and cannot pay because invoices to the company have not been settled. Using the chain method, we find out the core reason for the debts and work towards the goal of repayment to all links in the chain.

The Security Stamp on each invoice of the company displays the company’s strength and is a sign that the company does not stand alone in preventing and solving problems.

We email our clients with a compact overview of their client portfolio. The company can on the one hand reduce its credit risks and on the other, increase sales revenues with suitable credit limits.

Publishing debtors on the webpages Inforegister and ja Scorestorybook with 40,000 unique visitors a day guarantees the effectiveness of Kreedix OÜ and thanks to the Sob Story, published we have been able to secure repayment of even the most hopeless of claims.

We represent our clients in court cases and payment order applications in court proceedings. The fees and the scope of the power of attorney given to Kreedix by the Customer is agreed for each separate claim. Court proceedings are handled by a lawyer or attorney at law.

We assist in preparing contracts and other legal documents. Kreedix OÜ has close to 300 document templates that can be adjusted as necessary.

In co-operation with the Customer, we review the current credit policy and make recommendations on credit loss reduction and propose an action plan for future credit management. We assist companies in international debt management.

We analyse the Customer’s debt claims (including time-barred claims) and based on the analysis we make an offer for purchasing the claims.

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Our credit management service guarantees that even the most hopeless claims are recovered.