Terms of use of cookies

kreedix.ee – KREEDIX OÜ (registry code 11043745, address Tähe 129B, Tartu), the website uses cookies.

1. Cookies

1.1. Cookies are small text files that are installed on a user’s computer from websites that the user visits, unless the user has disabled the installation of all or part of the cookies in their browser settings. Cookies allow the user to identify you when you visit websites on your device.

1.2. Cookies can be divided according to the time of their installation:

1.2.1. Temporary or session-based cookies – allow to connect the user’s activities temporarily during the browsing session of the same browser, ie from the opening of the browser window until its closing or up to 4 hours after the last browsing;

1.2.2. Persistent cookies – permanently stored on the user’s device for the period specified in the cookie and activated each time the user visits the website from which the cookie was installed.

1.3. Cookies can be divided according to their affiliation:

1.3.1. first-party cookies – come from the website you’re viewing. These websites may use cookies to store information that will be re-used the next time you visit the website. From the point of view of the processing of personal data, the first party cookie installer is the controller (or any processor authorized by him) who manages the website you are visiting;

1.3.2. Third-party cookies – come, for example, from ads on other websites that are located on a website that a user visits. From the point of view of the processing of personal data, the third-party cookie is set by a controller who is different from the administrator of the website you are visiting.

1.4. Cookies can be divided according to the purpose of their installation:

1.4.1. Essential cookies – important for navigating websites, using its features and providing services selected by users. Without these cookies, the website and the services requested by the user cannot be provided;

1.4.2. Statistical cookies – collect information about how users use web pages, such as which web pages they visit most often and what error messages they receive from web pages. The information collected is aggregated and anonymized. The purpose of these cookies is to improve the performance of websites;

1.4.3. Preferred cookies – these cookies allow you to remember the choices made by the user (such as language selection) and identifiers (such as identifying the logged in user) in order to provide more personal and convenient ways to use the website.

1.4.4. Advertising Cookies – These cookies allow you to display personalized advertising to the user and conduct market research and analysis using data obtained about the user’s behavior and interests. The information obtained may be shared with ad networks and ad service providers.

2. Consent

2.1. Kreedix does not ask Users for consent to use essential cookies, as without them it is not possible to use the Website. With regard to the remaining cookies, the User agrees to the cookies and the terms of use of these cookies, which Kreedix asks the Users through the banner displayed on the Website. The User consents to the preference cookies by selecting the respective preference.

3. Cookies used on the website

3.1. Cookies used to operate the site

Nimi Kirjeldus Aegumisperiood/kehtivus
SSB_USESS Used to create an authentication session. It is not possible to log in without it. Session cookies
SESSION_ID Used to display the content of the web page correctly. Session cookies
LANGUAGE Used to remember the last language used. Session cookies

3.2 Statistical cookies

Name Descriptions Expiry period / validity
_ga Used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the website. 2 years
_gid Used to generate statistics about how a visitor uses the website. 24 hours
_gat This cookie is used to control the rate of queries in order to limit the collection of data on frequently visited websites. 1 minute
Hotjar (Hjid.js)
_hjid A Hotjar cookie that is set when a customer first reaches a page with a Hotjar script. It is used to maintain a unique Hotjar username on the website. This ensures that subsequent visits to the same site are assigned the same username. 1 year
_hjincludedinpageviewsample This cookie is set to let Hotjar know if this user is included in the selection of data defined by the pageview restriction on your site. 30 minutes
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress This cookie is used to identify the user's first pageview session. The cookie determines whether it is true or false. 30 minutes

3.3 Advertising cookies

Name Descriptions Expiry period / validity
_fbp Used to display an ad on Facebook to distinguish unique visits. 90 days

4. Change cookie settings in the web browser

4.1. If you want to disable the use of cookies, change the consents given in your browser. You can read more about this at http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies
4.2. You can change which cookies you allow us to use at any time, but you cannot opt ​​out of the cookies required for this page to work.